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Central festival Mall – Biggest Mall in South East Asia – Open Soon!

Oct 11, 2013


CityNews – A press conference was held at the Shangri La Hotel on October 11th to announce that Central Festival will open on 14 November 2013.

The new Lifestyle Shopping Mall will be situated on 70 acres of land with a gross floor space of 250,000 sqm of retail, restaurants and entertainment venues. 90% of the venues will be open by 14th November 2013. Shops include Central Department Store, Central Food Hall, Powerbuy, Supersports, B2S – and over 300 stores including restaurants both indoor and outdoor.

Central Festival aims to be the Fashion Capital of the north with 300 fashion brands from all over the world including Zara, H & M, Topshop, Topman, MNG, MNG Touch, Cath Kidson and La Senza.

In the near future there will also be the north's first and only Lifestyle Dining and Castro Bar Landmark. Comprehensive entertainment experiences such as a 10 screen Major Cineplex, an IMAX 3-D, Ice Skating, Fitness centre & Fun Planet.

The Opening Day, November 14th will open with a super chic party, Pop Art Party's Guest list will include the hottest superstars like Pope-Thanawat Wattanabhuti, Meen-Pichaya Wattanamontri celebrities models and singers. There will also be lucky draws with prizes including a Nissan Cube, Joy of the World campaign prize 2 Nissan Mazda CX5 and many other prizes.

The mall is situated on the Super Highway, just before the turn-off to San Sai, on the way to Lamphun. 


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11 October 2013 13:30

While it is useful to inform the Chiang Mai population about the launch timeline, and proportions of the new mall, I think this specific article goes just a little too far into the realm of promotion. It reads like it should be on the CPN website. [checking website] And lo and behold, a lot of it is – almost verbatim. Just saying, but actually naming the prizes and their quantities seems to me to be somwewhat less-than-appropriate in a journalistic context ("Breaking news").



14 October 2013 10:44

As is so often the case, the article fails to mention THE LOCATION of the new mall. How about an address?



19 October 2013 08:17

You really cant miss it if you drive up the superhighway north of the city!!!!



19 November 2013 17:11

Well done to Teera Dance Studio teams for their wonderful dance show for the opening



21 November 2013 13:43

I'm considering a job there, but I've never been to Chiang Mai. Googlemaps are images from 2011. I searched Super Highway to Lumphun, Chiang Mai, Thailand into Google Maps. Can anyone familiar with the place give me an idea where along the Highway the new mall is? give me a landmark to find on Google maps, nearby hospital, school, university or main road??? Thanks!


Adrian Fleur

22 November 2013 09:20

Search for "Suvit Rakrod Company Limited Wat Ket Chiang Mai" on Google maps. That is the exact location of Central Festival Mall. Good luck =)



14 December 2013 12:52

There are some malls much bigger than this in South East Asia.


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