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The Chiang Mai Monorail? A Dream Come True? Looks Like It.

Jul 18, 2013


CityNews – The people of Chiang Mai are feeling the strain of the heavy traffic burden, and it only looks like more cars will arrive in the city. Then when the new malls are finished, and the roads to Laos, Burma, China open up, how will that affect at already congested city?

Part of the solution: The Chiang Mai Monorail.  

Chiang Mai Administrative Organisation has said it will invest over eight billion baht for this high-tech public transportation system. The government has already approved the investment and it is expected that the monorail will be up and running within five years. 

The monorail will provide four different routes:

The Gold Line A1 will go from 700 Year Stadium to Chiang Mai Night Safari.

The Red Line A2 will go from 700 Year Stadium to Samyak Market in Sansai.

The Blue Line A3 will go from Chiang Mai Zoo to Buakkrok Village.

The Green Line A4 will go from Thapae Gate to Changklan Road.

Each route, as the map shows, will go through various parts of Chiang Mai, covering much of the city.

Each car will be able to take up to 40 people, and there will be three cars for every line. It will travel at around 28 kilometres per hour and will pick up passengers every 500 metres. Each route should take about 30 minutes.

Boonlert Buranupakorn, the president of Chiang Mai Administrative Organisation, told the press that the monorail would run on the ground. It is not a skytrain, he said, or an underground train.


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18 July 2013 12:52

How exactly, is adding more large vehicles into the traffic chaos considered to be of any benefit at all? It was sounding fantastic until the ridiculous punchline that it will not be the skytrain solution that we had all hoped, but instead ultimate certainty that Chiang Mai's traffic will be 'congested' forever if this goes ahead.


Scot Beve

18 July 2013 13:37

I do hope there will be more (proper) driving instruction required soon for a driver license renewal.....



24 July 2013 08:50

Definitely sound like a tramway or light rail rather than an elevated monorail or sky train. Sounds like it will be okay for inner city commuting (though would negatively impact on the incomes of tuk-tuk drivers and songthaew) but if most of the traffic congestion is from traffic coming into the city from further away then it is obviously not going to solve the congestion problem.



30 July 2013 13:13

Public transport typically involves some walking at either end of the journey. Nobody walks in Chiang Mai. So this looks like a colossal waste of money - as was Chiang Mai's city bus initiative several years ago.


the ppisews

31 July 2013 23:00

Every comment I've read from english speakers are total pesimists on everything. I hope it's not Chiang Mai making everyone so negative and that they were just negative people to begin with.



3 August 2013 12:20

At the risk of appearing negative, I am sure that this will never see the light of day. It is far too ambitious, goes too far outside the city to places that people don't usually frequent, and ticketing would be a nightmare because it would be difficult to create secure areas near roads at ground level. Chiang Mai needs a sky-train linking malls, tourist attractions and transport hubs.



4 August 2013 07:02

If the proposed stations are raised platforms then they will need to have barriers to stop motorcycles. If there are not going to be raised platforms when a tram stops then all traffic must stop behind it to allow passengers off. Not much chance of that happening in Chiang Mai is there? How many accidents would there be between trams and motorcycles? How many motorcycle tyres would get stuck in the tramway grooves? This has not been thought through at all. There needs to be a future vision for Chiang Mai, not a half-baked idea.



4 August 2013 20:16

And another thing. If I catch a tram in one direction, I would expect to catch the same number tram go return to my origin. The proposed routes do not do this and would confuse all concerned. If this goes ahead it will be a nightmare for all. Sky-train or an Underground system. Let's not forget that London had an Underground "Circle Line" 150 years ago - and it is still in operation. Chiang Mai needs to buck the trend and get some funding.



6 August 2013 18:54

a tram is always a good idea, but maybe not for Chiang Mai, there is not enough disciplin by car and motorcykledrivers, the tram needs an own way, where there no one else, the tram needs a green trafficlight line when it comes to a cross, and it needs bigger car then 40 peoples. I do not know if the people want sacrifice a part of street to a tramline, but that would be necessary, a standing tram in traffic jam would not help. If there is flood, an electric tram would get some problems very fast. I really only see the elevated way, like skytrain.



9 September 2013 14:34

Definitely NOT the good solution for Chiang Mai !!!



10 October 2013 14:47

Splendid idea...let's get on with it and remove all those polluting red taxis



12 October 2013 21:15

The only real system here would be a decent bus service- well signed (in multiple languages - Thai/English/Chinese/Russian), with regular stops, air con, good seat and price zoning to compete with Song Taews. Bus drivers are good at using the road space here - stock is easy to get - and signage cheap - anything else in in-viable simply due to cost - most Thais in CM work locally, 120 people per line max at any point of the day (as per the plan above) will just not cut it in any shape - other than making the Chinese company involved a few bucks and the local hand greasers too!


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